Cybersecurity in Financial Services

In a world where tech and cybersecurity intersect with financial frameworks, finding the right talent for your team is paramount. At Cybernetic, we specialize in connecting the best cybersecurity professionals with leading roles throughout the financial services sector. Whether you're a fintech startup in need of robust security or a traditional bank seeking the latest in cybersecurity talent, we're here to bridge that crucial talent gap. 

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In the complex realm of Financial Services, recruitment is more than just filling seats. It demands a thorough grasp of the sector's nuances, challenges, and technological evolutions. At Cybernetic, our expertise is our hallmark. Through our focused approach, we cater to the unique recruitment demands of the finance world, ensuring every hire isn't just a fit, but a pivotal asset to your vision.

Key Recruitment Challenges Addressed

In the multifaceted world of banking and finance, the significance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Here are the crucial recruitment challenges we navigate to bolster your cyber defenses and ensure tech innovation.

Challenge: With increased online banking and transactions, the risk of cyberattacks and fraud has heightened. 

Our Solution: We provide talent adept in both finance and cybersecurity, ensuring safe and secure financial transactions.

Challenge: Merging innovative FinTech solutions with traditional banking practices. 

Our Solution: We identify professionals well-versed in both realms, ensuring the smooth integration of the latest FinTech innovations.

Challenge: Adhering to ever-evolving financial regulations and standards. 

Our Solution: Our candidates are well-equipped with up-to-date regulatory knowledge, ensuring compliance without compromise.

Challenge: Transitioning from traditional systems to modern, efficient digital platforms. 

Our Solution: We provide professionals who understand the legacy intricacies and can guide the transformation to updated, efficient systems.

Challenge: Leveraging the deluge of financial data for strategic insights. 

Our Solution: We source analysts and experts who can transform raw data into actionable intelligence, guiding informed and effective decisions.

From start-ups to global brands, we’re on your side.

Our case studies demonstrate our commitment to finding you the right hire every time. Learn about our partnership approach, our creative problem solving and how we have built a reputation for trust in the market – with clients, candidates alike.

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Our Strategic Recruitment Solutions

Merging deep industry knowledge with a comprehensive suite of recruitment services tailored for the modern business landscape, we'll work with you to align as your long-term talent partner.


Our bundle recruitment service provides large volumes of support within a set time frame, including a customised pricing model and delivery level.

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We provide a monthly subscription recruitment service that makes budgeting easier and significantly improves search focus, resources, and value for your business.

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From executive to partnership search, we allow you to dictate the level of additional resources dedicated to your search based on a percentage of upfront cost.

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Our full-service consulting solutions deliver expert knowledge, insight, and a proven track record of success to help your business hiring. 

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With our contingent recruitment service, fees depend on us finding you the chosen candidate. This service covers permanent, contract and interim roles.

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Contract & Interim

Our contract recruitment service is a fast, flexible and focused solution, connecting you with the right people with the right skills in a timeframe best suited to you.

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Deeply ingrained in tech and cybersecurity, our expertise in the Banking, Asset Management, and Insurance sectors ensures we understand the critical cybersecurity needs of these dynamic industries. From safeguarding financial transactions to protecting customer data, Cybernetic is poised to introduce you to the top cybersecurity talent in the market.

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