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  • Josh Serlin

    "I started as a trainee consultant five years ago, and I was immediately impressed by the advanced training I received. JCW trained me not just how to recruit, but also about the technical understanding of the markets we operated in. I was quickly able to identify market trends, and current affairs within our sectors and the fantastic recruitment training I received saw me progress rapidly within the company. I started working at JCW in London and after great success at the company I was given the opportunity to open my own business within the JCW Group in Los Angeles, as it was always my dream to live there. JCW delivers on their promise to grow the careers (and lives) of their employees, and the opportunities once you get in the company are abundant." 

    Josh Serlin, Director, Cybernetic Search

  • Information Security Engineer

    "I would highly recommend Joshua and the team to any person seeking employment, his attention to detail and capability to truly understand a person's abilities from their resume helps to ensure that you are matched perfectly with the role they put you forward for."

    Information Security Engineer , Entertainment Company

  • IT Director

    "Josh and the team were a fantastic representation as to what a recruitment partner should encompass. My recruiter was, honest and worked hard to secure the very best candidate and/or assignment for a candidate. I have no concerns in recommending Josh and his team for those of us that look for a great recruitment partner."

    IT Director , Big 4 Consultancy