There’s Method In Our Madness, We Think…

Following a merger with another business, our client WithSecure was looking to establish their US entity. We had worked with this client in the past, but this time, a candidate who we had previously placed in the company contacted us to help expand their team in the US.



Our client was looking to source a cloud engineer with their security team, while the position was based in the US, the rest of the team was in the UK. It was imperative that the candidate was someone who could work independently and seamlessly with the team while in another continent and time zone.



Despite the role being niche and difficult to source, the client informed us they were looking for at least four to five candidates to allow them more choice when it came to their selection. We determined that in order to reach this number of individuals within the industry, headhunting would be the most effective method. To ensure that the candidates had the necessary qualifications and expertise, we targeted professionals from similar companies using LinkedIn.

We spoke to each candidate about the benefits of working for a business like WithSecure who were growing rapidly and explained how they would be able to progress faster within the business. We provided the client with seven candidates to interview and after a two-stage process, one candidate was selected and placed within three weeks.



The client expressed how the wider selection of candidates allowed them to make a more informed decision when it came to making an offer. Since starting in the role, they have found successful candidate to be extremely capable, their knowledge of cloud-based security has been vital within this team. They have been a key part of building out the US entity.

Off the back of this placement, the client recommended our services to another firm who have since approached us for help sourcing pen testers, we are now working closely with both firms.

Great at sourcing the hard-to-fill roles. The team went above and beyond.

Name: Head of Security

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