2024 Salary Guide

An Overview of Recruitment Trends and Challenges in 2024

Access salary benchmarks and key insights into the 2024 recruitment landscape with this report. Explore market trends, employee priorities, and the factors driving recruitment strategies today.

What insights can I find in the guide?

2023 was a year of unprecedented challenges for businesses, marked by soaring inflation, political uncertainty, and shifting employee expectations. Despite these obstacles, there's a renewed sense of optimism for 2024, with companies now refocusing on growth. 

Our comprehensive report delves into the heart of these transformations, presenting crucial salary benchmarks and exploring the strategies businesses are employing to thrive amidst change. Tailored for employers and employees alike, this guide offers vital insights for aligning hiring practices with the latest trends.

What's on jobseekers' minds in 2024?

  • What's concerning employees about their job security?
  • Which factors are driving individuals' career moves?
  • What sacrifices are employees making for more flexibility?

With over half of employees looking to move jobs in the next six months, businesses are presented with a unique opportunity to tap into a broader talent pool. This highlights a vital opportunity for organisations to bridge the gap between their growth aspirations and their jobseekers’ long-term career expectations.

How is the market affecting employers?

  • What impact is AI having on businesses?
  • How has hybrid work affected productivity?
  • Which factors are influencing business growth?

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