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We support aspiring organisations who are investing in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML) to improve products, services and customer experience.

Innovation and progress in this area requires specialist skills and creative thinking. Fortunately, we have a network of people who have both – and the experience to apply it to your challenges. Working with us gives you access to smart, inventive people who are looking for their next challenge in either field. Fully pre-qualified, we have confidence that these candidates are motivated and enthusiastic about contributing to new ways of working – or new ways of applying this type of technology.

Specialising in a Range of Auditing Financial Fields, Our Expert Consultants Are Here To Help

The Cybernetic AI & ML team covers a broad range of specialist areas within the field. Whether you’re searching for your next AI/ML role or a business looking to make multiple hires, no matter your requirements, we can help. Discover the range of expertise our consultants specialise in and start your search today.

  • Computer Vision Engineering
  • Robotics Engineering
  • AI Management
  • Perception Engineering
  • Machine Vision Engineering
  • AI Product Management
  • Machine Learning/Computer Vision Research
  • Deep Learning Engineering
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Wide AI & ML talent pool

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are becoming key technologies across all sectors. Product and service developers want to create and maintain a competitive edge, and these technologies are central to success. So AI and ML experts are in demand, making this a competitive market for businesses developing a team. That’s why working with Cybernetics can help. We understand your requirements and work with you to find the candidates with the best fit for those needs.

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Are you an AI/ML specialist?

We work with clients who are building teams in this area and who are looking for talented, focused and motivated candidates to help them.

If you want a new challenge, why not talk to us? We work with you to find opportunities that match your skills, goals and career ambitions – contact us today to find out more.

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Smarter AI & ML hiring

From robotics to medical imaging, AI and ML have become central to the sophisticated technologies used across industries today. Businesses are using it to refine online customer service; industrial companies need it to build more efficient and intelligent processes.

So people who have expertise in AI and ML – whether research-based or more practical – have a great deal to offer your organisation. The type of team you want to build in this area will depend on the nature of your organisation, but one thing’s certain: you’ll be looking for the brightest minds and the most creative thinkers.

We understand the importance of these disciplines and our AI and ML recruitment teams manage a network of skilled and experienced candidates who can help you to progress your work in this area. We’ll also advise you on your hiring process, including shortlisting and first-round interviews, to make sure you only see the best-fit candidates.

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