There’s Method In Our Madness, We Think…

Subway were looking to move all their systems to operate entirely on a cloud security system. As a result, they contacted us to help them source two cloud engineers who would work together and be responsible for establishing this transition.



These roles were both on a 12-month contract basis working within the security architecture team. The idea was that after one year the system would be fully built out and Subway’s IT environment would be fully secure and operating entirely on the cloud.

This client had worked with a different staffing agency initially for these roles but after a bad experience, the roles remained vacant. The client contacted us after working with them previously as a candidate. We met with the hiring manager to go through the specifics of the role, and after this discussion, they were happy for us to start souring candidates.



As both roles were for contractors, we advised the client that it was important to streamline the interview process, as the nature of the contract market means it tends to move faster than when hiring for permanent roles.

As we work regularly with contractors, we have a vast network of professionals who would be readily available to start work so rather than going to the market, which might have taken significantly longer, we reached out to candidates on our database.

After just two days, we had seven potential candidates who were interested in the role. The client took our advice and streamlined the interviews over the course of two weeks for a faster turnaround. They met each candidate once and made their decision quickly to avoid losing out on their first-choice candidates.



The client proceeded to make offers to two candidates, the quick turnaround meant that the entire process took one month from initial role briefing to onboarding of candidates. Both candidates started within a couple weeks of each other allowing them to start collaborating on the project from the outset.

Both candidates work well together and are a good fit within the company culture. As a result of these successful placements, the hiring manager has put us in contact with another department who needed help sourcing talent. We are now working effectively to assist the hiring requirements of both departments.

Fulfilled the brief in a short period of time.

Name: Human Resources Lead

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