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This client approached us following a recommendation from another firm who we had recently worked with.

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This client approached us about a threat intelligence role, there was no one internally who could recruit for such a niche role as the administration staff felt as though they didn’t understand the skill set or experience required well enough.

We had an introduction meeting with the hiring manager to understand more detail about what kind of person the business was looking for. Once we had a good understanding of the criteria, they were happy for us to start sourcing candidates on their behalf.



As this client operates in the legal industry, they handle a lot of sensitive information and confidential data, given the nature of the work we knew it was important for us to source someone with a high level of experience and expertise. We decided it was best to approach candidates from businesses who were renowned for having teams of strong intelligence staff.

We sent the client a number of candidate profiles that met the requirements and were interested in the opportunity, there was one particularly strong candidate who caught the client’s attention. We advised the client not to drag the hiring process out and risk losing this candidate. The client agreed they did not want to miss out and made an offer, the process turned around quickly as a result.



The client is really happy with the decision to offer this candidate the role, they are extremely capable, and their experience has been invaluable to the security of the business. They have expressed how relived they are now that their intelligence role has been filled. The client has since contacted us to let us know how much they liked our approach and the processes we used, we are currently sourcing another intelligence role to work under this candidate.

Really pleased with the results, we will definitely be using these services again

Name: Head of Threat Intelligence

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