There’s Method In Our Madness, We Think…

Nettitude approached us following some hiring difficulties they were having in three lines of their business: GRC consulting, Pen testing and DFIR.



We attended a client meeting with the US managing director and the head of offensive security to discuss how our services could help them. They suggested that we start to place candidates in their GRC consulting department and if the placements were successful, they would then ask us to recruit for all three lines of business. We agreed and swifty started sourcing for GRC consulting roles.



The skill set required for these types of roles is very niche, by recruiting in this industry for many years, we have built up relationships with experts in the field. We were able to reach out to our extensive network and within a week we were able to put forward several suitable candidates, after just three weeks the two vacant positions within GRC were filled.

Off the back of these successful placements, we were then instructed to source for a pen testing role. Pen testers are extremely in demand and the community is very cohesive. We took advantage of this and started engaging online in forums for pen testers. From here we were able to speak to a community of pen testers who could either express their own interest or put us in contact with other pen testers who might be open to the role. As a result of this, we were able to source several candidates who we could put forward.

The client offered the position to one particular candidate they were interested in, however the candidate wanted to negotiate the terms of employment. Salaries for pen testing professionals can fluctuate drastically so we advised both the candidate and client on a realistic salary so that both parties would be satisfied. The client agreed to increase the salary in order to be more competitive and said they were happy to pay more for better talent. The candidate accepted the salary and proceeded to sign the contract of employment.



Following the success of placements in GRC consulting and pen testing, the client has now asked us to recruit for DFIR and we work with them in all three lines of their business. They have expressed how happy they are with all the candidates we have placed with them so far. We have now established a solid partnership with this client and have reached an agreement to work with us exclusively within specific lines of business.

Thank you for all your help

Name: Head of Offensive Security

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