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There’s Method In Our Madness, We Think…

Our client, City National Bank passed a 50 billion revenue threshold which required them to enter a heightened standard of regulatory scrutiny. As a result, our client suddenly found themselves in a situation where they needed to hire new staff rapidly to comply with the new regulations they were now under.

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This client contacted us with help in hiring eight new members of staff within IT risk, IT Security, and compliance. The new candidates needed to be hired within four weeks in order for the firm to show the regulator they were compliant and avoid being fined.



The roles were all permanent and initially hybrid, however due to time pressure we explained the advantages of making the roles fully remote and the client agreed. We began sourcing candidates through headhunting, we used our knowledge of the market to approach candidates from banks who had already gone through this procedure to meet standards.

Our main challenge was sourcing such a high number of candidates and arranging interviews in such a short period of time. It required high levels of client liaison and logistics to place candidates in available time slots in the given time period.



We were able to successfully source all eight candidates within one month of receiving the brief, as a result the client was able to drastically improve their risk management program to the new standards. All candidates are still working with City National Bank and are pleased with the positive impact they have been able to make in their roles. There has been over a years’ worth of work to remediate an MRA initial stage of passing the threshold, now the foundation is set up, we are still working with this client to increase and enhance the programme.

The team are very passionate about delivering a wonderful customer experience for clients.

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