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Our cyber security recruitment experts recognise the importance of information security analyst careers and the impact roles in this niche can bring to global organisations. The information security analyst role is crucial for protecting a business's computer networks and databases from cyber attacks by developing and implementing cyber security systems. 

Information security analyst jobs involve monitoring and overseeing a company's networks to spot potential issues and vulnerabilities. As you develop in your information security analyst career, you will also document breaches while putting in place defence mechanisms like firewalls to ensure threats are avoided in the future. Working across various industries, from tech companies to financial organisations, opportunities as an information security analyst are vast.

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At Cybernetic, our unwavering commitment revolves around propelling your information security analyst career forward. Our excellent team of cyber security recruitment specialists genuinely believe in your potential and boast exclusive access to a variety of information security analyst jobs within the most rapidly emerging startups and global corporations.

We will forge a close partnership with you to gain a complete understanding of your information security analyst career aspirations and ambitions. Whether your goals revolve around a contract or a permanent position, our extensive network is at your disposal. With us by your side, we aim to surpass conventional limits to unearth the ideal role to elevate your career.

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Information security analyst duties and responsibilities

Information security analyst jobs come with a range of responsibilities, from identifying and preventing cyber security risks to planning and responding to security threats to implementing security systems to protect the computer networks of a business. Explore more about an information security analyst's duties and responsibilities.

  • Discover vulnerabilities and mitigate security risks from occurring
  • Plan and implement security policies and procedures to prevent cyber attacks
  • Analyse and monitor security systems 
  • Respond to security incidents in real-time
  • Educate and train the wider team and clients on security best practices
  • Remain up-to-date on the latest security threats and trends
  • Work with the IT team to ensure security is integrated into all aspects of the company's infrastructure
  • Document and report on security procedures and processes

Information security analyst skills and qualifications

If you’re aspiring to advance in an information security analyst role, possessing a diverse set of specific attributes is necessary for a thriving career. We’ve listed the essential information security analyst skills and qualifications to help you pave the way to success.

  • Excellent ability to source vulnerabilities within a computer network
  • Ability to mitigate cyber security risks posed on a network 
  • Knowledge of working with firewalls and cyber security systems
  • Experience with pen testing methods and techniques
  • A deep understanding of operating systems and ethical hacking
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Prior experience in an information security analyst role or related cyber job
  • Preferred degree in information security, information systems or a related field

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