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Our expert cybersecurity recruiters recognise the importance of pen testing jobs and know how valuable professionals within this niche can be to technology companies. Your role as a pen tester involves simulating cyberattacks to uncover vulnerabilities and faults within a business's security systems. As a penetration tester, you often hone in on a particular system, be it testing networks, computer systems, infrastructure, Internet of Things (IoTs) or website and mobile apps.

You will report on the findings you collate from testing various systems, develop solutions, and offer advice to counter cyberattacks and lessen the risk of threats occurring in the future. Sometimes referred to as an ethical hacker, your role as a pen tester could see you working in-house for an organisation needing system security support or for a security or risk management company, where you'll test the systems of clients across a range of industries.  

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At Cybernetic, we believe in you and are invested in the future of your career. Our specialist cybersecurity recruitment consultants thrive off working with talent motivated to put their skill sets, experience and qualifications to new and exciting opportunities. 

We have established connections with global clients, from start-ups to big brands, and have access to a broad range of pen testing vacancies to help you take the next step in your career. Our recruiters will work with you to understand your needs, goals and objectives. From here, we will tap into our network and the broader market to go above and beyond to match you with the role that meets your specific criteria, whether a permanent position or a contract job.        

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Pen testing duties and responsibilities

A range of duties and responsibilities accompany the role of a pen tester. From testing various computer systems, networks, and infrastructure to offering solutions to minimise the chances of a cyberattack harming an organisation, here is a list of the key pen testing duties and responsibilities.

  • Pen test software and systems, from networks and infrastructure to computer systems and web applications
  • Simulate scenarios where security breaches occur and identify why they happen and how they can be prevented
  • Draw up reports from your findings and the cybersecurity issues you identified
  • Determine the risk level of a cyber threat 
  • Identify the impact an attack could have on a business and its clients
  • Provide advice and solutions to senior management and the wider team to combat and minimise the risk of cyber attacks
  • Determine what the consequences could be if an attack is left unresolved
  • Develop penetration processes, scripts, and tests to be used by the wider team  

Pen testing skills and qualifications

Candidates looking to become pen testers should be equipped with various attributes. Here are some key pen testing skills and qualifications you should have to succeed in this role. 

  • Recognise the level of risk and consequences of a cyberattack
  • Experience pen testing various computer systems and software 
  • Deep knowledge of computer systems and networks 
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Great written and verbal communication skills with an ability to simplify complex information to a non-technical audience
  • Ability to work with confidential information with integrity 
  • Excellent attention to detail with great time management and teamwork skills
  • Preferred degree in cybersecurity, computer systems engineering, computer science, network management, or a related field

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