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Our cybersecurity recruiters recognise the importance of incident response jobs and how talent like you is pivotal in defending global technology organisations from potential cyber-attacks. Your role as an incident responder involves overseeing each aspect of resolving cyber threats and containing breaches before they can cause serious harm to a business. You help companies deal with the aftermath of an attack, ensuring identical incidents are prevented from reoccurring.

As an incident responder, you can react to issues once they have been discovered and put in place processes and systems to counter these threats. You also forecast potential attacks and plan strategies to prevent these from happening, taking careful measures to combat every scenario. With vacancies across a broad range of companies in the world of tech, a career as an incident responder can take you far.

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At Cybernetic, we are here to help you progress in your career. We are always looking to partner with motivated candidates seeking opportunities to challenge themselves and progress in the fastest-growing tech start-ups to global brands. Our cybersecurity recruitment experts know the market and have access to an extensive network of clients and opportunities to help grow your career.

We are a supportive recruitment agency that genuinely believes in your future success. Our consultants will work closely with you to understand your job search objectives before scoping the market to find the incident response jobs most suited to your credentials. From contract and permanent positions at entry-level to senior positions, we will help you achieve your career goals. 

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Incident response duties and responsibilities

Numerous duties and responsibilities are associated with incident response jobs, from being reactive when cyber threats are discovered to putting defences in place to make businesses less vulnerable to attacks. Here are the typical incident response duties and responsibilities to show you what to expect from the role.

  • React to cyber attacks before, during, and after they occur
  • Design processes to tackle security threats within a business 
  • Monitor networks and systems for potential breaches
  • Conduct cybersecurity system audits and reviews
  • Identify potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities 
  • Perform analysis on malware software
  • Write up incident reports
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and insights in cyber security 

Incident response skills and qualifications

Candidates seeking to make a career in cybersecurity as incident responders should be equipped with a range of attributes. Here’s a list of the incident response skills and qualifications.

  • Technical expertise with a solid understanding of code and network systems and protocols
  • Excellent knowledge of relevant laws, regulations, and compliance 
  • Experience working with cybersecurity incident management
  • An ability to adapt to and respond to a range of scenarios relating to cyber threats
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Great attention to detail 

Ability to collaborate effectively within a team
Preferred degree in cybersecurity, computer science, IT, or a related field

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