Doubling a Team of Pen Testers For a Unique Client

Our client wanted to double the size of their US security and penetration testers team. Utilising an existing contact at Cybernetic, they reached out to us to see how we could help them overcome their hiring challenges. This case study outlines how the partnership came to be, our client's situation, and the solutions and results achieved.

How the Partnership Started

Unlike our other case studies, which highlight how we’ve helped specific businesses with their recruitment challenges, this case study focuses on a specific individual we’ve supported. 

Scott Simmons is a practice manager at a fast-growing start-up specialising in security and penetration services and developing software for attack surface management. Based on the company's professional services or pen testing division, Scott manages a team of IoT security specialists. With 16 years of experience in the cyber security industry, Scott has worked on the web application and pen testing side of the sector before spending the last six years focusing on people management.

The partnership between Scott and Cybernetic began in Scott’s previous role, where he managed the US security services team for a multinational organisation. It was here where our Senior Partner, Josh Serlin, reached out to Scott to see if he’d be interested in a career move. Despite not looking for a new role, Scott would later turn to Josh for recruitment support.      

“...I partnered with Cybernetic because of their understanding of the job landscape and how the industry works.”

           - Scott Simmons


Scott was tasked with doubling the size of his pen-testing team. He was looking to hire mid to senior-level talent with around 15 years of experience who could be onboarded quickly into the role and hit the ground running with minimum training. 

Due to the complexity of the roles and the desired skill sets and experience levels, Scott’s internal recruitment team struggled to find the people he required. As a result, Scott needed the support of an external cyber security recruitment agency that could find a solution to his hiring needs. 

Scott had previous experience working with other external recruiters. He said he chose Cybernetic because we genuinely understand the industry and take the time to recognise what he needs. 

“What has always impressed me about Josh and Cybernetic is that they really take the time to understand me. This sounds like marketing fluff, but it's really true. They understand how the industry works and take the time to understand what I'm looking for and the candidates they're sending me. 

           - Scott Simmons

“My mission is to help organisations build and grow highly skilled and diverse teams worldwide. I develop and maintain long-term relationships with our top clients, providing them with tailored advice, market insights, and post-placement support.” 

       - Joshua Serlin, Senior Partner 

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Josh worked closely with Scott using our contingent recruitment service to understand his hiring needs and goals. Having been part of our wider JCW Group since 2013 and joining the Cybernetic business in 2017, Josh had the expertise to address Scott’s pain points and collaborate to solve his hiring challenges.  

After establishing a brief with Scott, Josh would scope the market and utilise our extensive candidate network to source the best people for the vacant positions. Josh would screen the potential candidates and send the top CVs to Scott before supporting him with the search's final interviewing, onboarding, and placement phases. 

“I knew I should at least consider every CV Josh and Cybernetic sent me. I think nine times out of 10, it was somebody that I ended up interviewing.”

         - Scott Simmons

Scott highlighted how the quality of the CVs he was receiving from Josh and the team gave him the confidence that he had made the right choice in partnering with us.

With Cybernetic's help, I doubled the size of the US team, and we were able to hit revenue and staffing targets and accomplish more tasks and broader projects.

- Scott Simmons


With the help of Josh and the Cybernetic team, we placed three pen testers for Scott, which helped double the size of his US team over a six-month period. Our support enabled Scott and his employer to hit revenue and staffing targets while helping his department accomplish more tasks and projects.  

“I’ve always found that the best working relationships are the ones where you can be candid and there is trust built. Scott and I have that, and I’m confident that, given the opportunity, we will always work together in the future, whether for our contingent or search solutions.”

        - Joshua Serlin, Senior Partner 

While the result we helped Scott reach for his team was an excellent achievement for all involved, another result we believe worth highlighting is the relationship we’ve established with Scott. Despite working for a new business, the support we gave Scott throughout the contingent process has allowed us to retain our relationship with him. Both we at Cybernetic and Scott are confident that we can continue the partnership with projects in the future.

“I know that if I need a recruiter, I will reach out to Cybernetic. It's just not worth my time to deal with other vendors at this point. I have worked with a bunch, and in my experience, they tend just to want to talk with me on the phone for a little while to build up a rapport, and then they want to shotgun resumes at me.

It's nice to have the opportunity to pay Josh and his team back and say they're doing a great job. This is a big thanks for the work they've done for me.” 

        - Scott Simmons

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