Senior Staff Electrical Engineer

  • Posted: 07/08/2023
  • Salary: $150-180k
  • Location: San Francisco, California, United States
  • Job Type: Permanent/Fixed Term

Are you ready to make a significant impact on the future of medical and aesthetic dermatology? We are seeking a highly skilled individual to join our R&D team as a Senior Electrical Engineer.


• Be a key contributor to our fast-paced engineering team, driving innovation in medical aesthetics. • Independently determine project scope and schedule while aligning with department goals. • Design and rigorously test firmware and electronics for lasers and RF devices. • Perform schematic capture and PCB layout for all electronics. • Develop and test PID controllers for temperature and current regulation. • Oversee electrical safety and EMC testing to ensure compliance. • Create test plans for component and system-level verification. • Collaborate closely with embedded software engineers to implement system solutions. • Conduct thorough troubleshooting and failure analysis on new and existing electronic designs. • Support the design of high-voltage and high-current power supply solutions.


Education & Experience:

• A minimum of a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, with a Master's degree preferred. • Possess 9+ years of hands-on experience in active mixed signal circuit design.

Minimum Skills:

• Proficient understanding of mixed signal design principles, microprocessor and microcontroller structures, different cores, buses, memory accessing, DMA mechanisms, timer & interrupt functions, and their application to solve complex design challenges. • Strong experience in designing for EMC and EMI. • Working knowledge of signal integrity analysis and digital and analog (Spice) simulation using appropriate tools. • Familiarity with high-speed circuit PCB design methods, including impedance requirements, termination, and relevant trade-offs (dielectric material types, stack-up, characteristic impedance, board thickness). • Knowledgeable about IC-based circuit solutions in the analog, digital, and mixed signal domain (e.g., Logic series derivatives, memories, digital and analog interfaces, sensor conditioners, ADCs, audio and video interfaces, serial and network interfaces). • Proven experience in failure mode analysis (FMA) and process documentation generation. • Skilled in formulating test plans to ensure component level performance and validation testing over temperature and voltage extremes. • Proficiency in Root Cause Analysis to resolve issues in assigned designs.

Demonstrated Experience In:

• Designing complex circuits around modern CPU and MCUs, including multicore ARM SoCs. • Designing and interfacing with DDR and SDRAM memories, storage interfaces (eMMC, SDIO, SATA). • Designing peripheral interfaces, both analog (op-amps, balanced drivers, power drivers, ADC/DC, DC/DC linear and SMPS, mixed-signal ADC) and digital (USB, HDMI, Ethernet, QSPI, I2C, UART, I2S, GPIO, including differential).

Additional Desired Skills:

• Master of Science in Electrical Engineering; Computer Engineering with a focus on Mixed Signal circuits design. • Cross-functional understanding of basic software methods for embedded programming and its impact on hardware design, and vice versa. • Experience in hardware design around software capabilities. • Working knowledge of Altium Designer, with experience in Concord Pro being a plus. • Expertise in designing around PLD and FPGA using schematic capture and VHDL or Verilog. • Self-motivated and capable of performing duties with minimal supervision.

Cole Knox Consultant

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