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Lead Network Security Consultant (Penetration Tester)

  Santa Monica, Washington   125000-180000

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  Cyber Security    Permanent

Our client is one of the top security consulting firms in the nation. On becoming part of their team as a Network Security Consultant, you'll be helping their clients in securing their networks from potential threat actors, and guaranteeing they are performing best practices by suggesting controls that will keep their valuable liabilities more secure from harm.


In this position you will:

  • Discover potential exposure in customer environments
  • Register vulnerabilities in a fast-paced manner
  • Clearly describe security vulnerabilities to your team and consumers
  • Call attention to solutions of vulnerabilities and steps to reestablish certain findings
  • Great written and oral skills; even though we employ a technical editor, it is important that consultants can document findings in a decent manner

Some qualifications for this role are:

  • OSINT experience: capable in finding information on organizations and overseeing potential social engineering attacks (e.g., phishing)
  • Working comprehension of IP address schemes, network topologies, and proper secure setup of infrastructures.
  • Experience with tools used in host and domain enumeration (e.g., Nmap, whois, dig)
  • Perception of wireless network testing and coverage tools (e.g., Reaver, AirCrack, NetStumbler)
  • Password cracking tool knowledge (e.g., John The Ripper, Hashcat)
  • Illustrated industry standard security practices in securing or administering networks
  • Knowledge of security features with operating systems (e.g., firewalls, encrypted volumes, software packages installed)

For more information about this position or other opportunities, please email or call:

+ 213-394-2083

Joshua.Serlin (Cybernetic)