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With blockchain dominating the headlines over the past five years and $1.3 billion invested globally in 2018, job openings are plentiful and the chance to make your mark on early-stage projects is now. 

With blockchain investors and adaptors requiring your unique skills to get their ideas off the ground, the demand for skills in this job market has risen dramatically as high investment flows. In blockchain, your competition for long-term experience is relatively low as its still a recent concept.  With the right skills, a high-flying career this sector is inspiringly attainable and your time is now. Whether you are looking for your next role in blockchain or a hiring manager or investor seeking to grow your team, our consultants have the right network and technical understanding to help you in the areas below.

The skill sets and areas we cover include:

Blockchain Engineer Blockchain Architect | Smart Contract Developer | Backend Software Engineer | VP of Engineering | Engineering Manager | Quorum Developer | Full Stack Developer

Our Specialisations include:

Golang | Python | Ethereum | Hyperledger | Quoram | Solidity | Smart Contracts | C/C++

Salary Ranges $50,00 -$550,00


E: hello@cyberneticsearch.com | Tel:  +1 424-231-7494   | Alternatively, you can request a call back on our ‘contact us’ page.

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