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An estimated 85% of Americans are using AI services every day. Big brands from Amazon to BMW are using AI for their showcase products and new industries are now adopting AI as a vital part of their services. 

It’s no wonder math graduates and programmers are crossing over into AI as the new career path of choice.  A steep increase in the consumption of AI products and the demand for skills and experience in AI and machine learning makes this one of the most promising job sectors to work in today. It’s the combination of commercial understanding with data preparation, modeling and visualization capabilities that you need to thrive in this compelling sector. Whether you are looking for your next role or a hiring manager seeking to grow your team, our consultants have the right network of AI & machine learning professionals to help you. Take a look and see what we can do for you below. 

The skill sets and areas we cover include:

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | Data Science | Computer Vision

Our Specialisations include:

Engineering | Developers | Scientist | Researcher | Leadership

Salary Ranges $50,00 -$550,00


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AI & Machine Learning Jobs