Jamie Woods


I set up the JCW Group in 2007 from my living room in Islington, London. I created my first business JCW,  with a specific vision on how to go about building the best recruitment business in the world – a firm that looked after its people first and foremost in the knowledge that they will then look after our clients and candidates. I had complete belief in my ability to do so with the right people around me. 

Over the years we have developed into a global business with multiple offices and brands under the JCW umbrella including Cybernetic.  I’m proud to say that today, all companies under the JCW recruitment brand hold true to that same set of values that I started out with. 

As CEO, my role is primarily to maintain our status as a high-growth business. In doing so, I’m keeping a firm eye on the culture at Cybernetic. I'm making sure that we’re adhering to the fundamental tenets and values that have made us so successful across all of our offices and brands while guiding our global performance strategy and checking that we’re making the right calls at the right time. 

The future holds a lot for Cybernetic and the JCW recruitment brand with expectations that we continue to expand across the world while still holding onto our current position as a top-quartile performer in the industry, both regarding how happy our people are and our financial performance and dedication to our market.