Cybernetic & The JCW Group Raise £16K for Charity at our Annual Black-Tie Event, 2019.


Nicola Lawler

Cybernetic enjoyed flying over to The JCW Group's Annual Black-Tie Event at The Ned, in London last week. The Ned, a five-star hotel and members' club, provided a great setting for the JCW Group's January Gala.

Table 4 enjoying their first course

The Group were treated to a three-course meal and enjoyed an awards ceremony presented by JCW's MD’s John Newton and Et Halstead, where employees were recognised onstage for being top managers, top performers, top newcomers and more.

Et and John, our hosts and MD's for The U.S and Europe 

The Annual Black-Tie Event brings people across the JCW Group together from all of our global locations including Los Angeles, Frankfurt, and New York into London HQ for the evening. It’s a brilliant opportunity for people from different offices and companies within The Group to meet up after a year of communicating over email and calls, and seeing faces walk into the office throughout the day from all over the world created a buzz that continued to grow throughout the evening.

JCW Group's Charity Auction!

After dinner, the company held its first Charity Auction to raise money for homeless charity, Shelter and the Refugee Women’s Centre. A total of 12 lots, including both comical lots and big ticket lots, went up for auction in what turned out to be a highly animated and exciting event.

 Video of the highest bid of the night which eventually went for £3740.

The generosity and passion shown by everyone was overwhelming. Comical and basic lots such as our CEO or one of the MD 's being someone's butler for the day - went for a shocking (and very generous) £460. Big ticket lots such as an all-expenses paid trip to work in another office in the JCW Group for a week in London, New York, Los Angeles or Frankfurt went for a whopping £3300. That went to JCW's Grace Downey who won the opportunity to work in our New York office for a week and of course, enjoy a weekend there. 

The generous winners of each lot won at the auction

The total amount The JCW Group raised at our Charity Auction was £16,000

With huge thanks to the JCW team from JCWCybernetic and Catalyst Life Sciences, because this total was at least four times what we expected!

Jasemin putting in her bid 

This was probably one of the most successful and enjoyable companywide Black-Tie Events to date, and we look forward to many more to come.

A collage of snaps from the Gala


Shelter helps millions of people struggling every year with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support and legal services. They carry out ground-breaking research to understand more about the UK’s housing problem and then develop policies that offer solutions.

We will be donating half the proceedings to Shelter so they can continue to do their great work.  If you’d like to offer your support to Shelter too, please donate here.

The Refugee Women's Centre is committed to supporting women, families and minors in and around Grande Synthe, Dunkirk and Calais. They support the specific needs of women, children and vulnerable people of all ages and nationalities, who have left their homes and loved ones due to war, conflict and persecution.

We will be donating the funds raised at the auction to the RWC and some members of our team will also be driving down to Calais with tents, baby formula, clothing, and other critical items to provide aid to those in need. If you’d like to offer your support to the RWC, please visit their website or their GoFundMe page for more information here.

Nicola Lawler, Head of Marketing at JCW Group

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