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How has the pandemic impacted hiring?

A more positive post-pandemic economic outlook is resulting in increased confidence and business stability. Many businesses are predicting an upwards surge after recovery, and are adjusting their hiring and retention strategies to plug the skills gap.

Salaries in 2021


Over the next 6 months, how do you expected salaries to change?

  • 22% will increase
  • 77% will not change
  • 1% will decrease

Hire change

2020 vs 2021


of firms to increase hiring in 2021

How is the market reacting?

Candidate attitudes are aligning with employer outlook on the jobs market post-pandemic. Most candidates are once again expecting a minimum in terms of salary increases when moving jobs, and views on what "the workplace" means are resulting in shifting attitudes on what factors candidates look for when switching roles.

Average salary increase

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